Understanding another culture takes years, understanding how they collaborate takes only days.

Understanding the values, rituals, habits and traditions of other cultures takes decades. Multicultural teams need to integrate much faster and effectively. 

Our "Cultural Dimension Daisy"model helps to understand in just days the key assumptions and dimensions that determine how different cultural groups collaborate.


The Cultural Dimension Daisy

Our unique "daisy" model graphically represents the two core frames of reference and five cultural dimensions that have the greatest impact on professional collaboration.​

This Cultural-Collaboration Profile model helps multicultural teams migrate from subjective, judgmental and informal perception to a formal, objective understanding.

With continuous application of the model individuals can achieve true competence in establishing strategies and responses to the challenges of intercultural collaboration.

The next step after understanding: Formal Integration

Once  the members on a multicultural team have  understood the  key differences on their collaborative  assumptions and have openly acknowledged them. The next step is to formally establish a unified model for collaborating through our InZynch™ Collaboration System Integration platform.


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