Multicultural Teams?

Understanding another culture takes years, understanding how they collaborate takes only days.

Understanding the values, rituals, habits and traditions of other cultures takes decades. Multicultural teams need to integrate much faster and effectively. 

Our "Cultural Dimension Daisy"model helps to understand in just days the key assumptions and dimensions that determine how different cultural groups collaborate.


The Cultural Dimension Daisy

Our unique "daisy" model graphically represents the two core frames of reference and five cultural dimensions that have the greatest impact on professional collaboration.​

This Cultural-Collaboration Profile model helps multicultural teams migrate from subjective, judgmental and informal perception to a formal, objective understanding.

With continuous application of the model individuals can achieve true competence in establishing strategies and responses to the challenges of intercultural collaboration.


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harnessing diversity structurally

The best diversity programs succeed because they make operational sense.

Back in the 70’s, the top orchestras in the U.S. had fewer than 5% women. It wasn't until 1980 that any of them had 10% female musicians. Many tried diversity training, but it proved to have a very small impact. 

Surprisingly, by 1997 female participation was up to 25% and today some of them are well over 30%. 

How did they achieve that level of progress? It wasn’t a question of change in orchestra structure – orchestras are pretty stable structures, or to an increase in the number of female musicians.

The secret? Orchestras began using blind auditions. Candidates are placed behind a curtain to play for a group that cannot see them. Researchers have determined that this step alone makes it 50% more likely that a woman will advance to the finals. And the screen has been demonstrated to be the source of a surge in the number of women being hired!

Harnessing Diversity, Smart Diversity, Diversity Management

Our Model: Let's Make It Operational!

​​​​​​Subconscious bias towards diversity thrive in day-to-day organizational collaboration thanks to the big three: 


In successfully addressing the challenges of diversity, a simple structural tool or two like the curtains in orchestra auditions, supported by the right frameworks will make a huge difference. 

The InZynch "Curtains"

InZynch is a mixed solution that provides:

  • Frameworks to change the conversation and mindset on diversity to a technical and formal level. A technical approach makes it that much easier to be objective and reach understanding.
  • The tools in our IT platform (Think of organizational "curtains") to support objectivity and neutralize assumptions and perceptions.

Our Harnessing Diversity model is designed to make it operationally effective. Just as you would approach safety or quality.


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