Our InZynch™ workshops are designed as stand-alone sessions that address specific collaborative challenges, always with our functional approach that provides immediate impact.

Amazing training on collaborative skills and tools. with immediate impact and application.

"People like me paid tons of money for an MBA-level Operations course to learn what he taught in an hour."

collaborative Leadership


Workshop value

Leadership is an operational role just like others in the business, but it is never treated as such. 

The InZynch™ approach is to prepare those that take on leadership roles to ensure that they perform their core function - delivering high-performance teams.

This session provides company leaders with the frameworks and basic tools to effectively perform the four key functions of true collaborative leaders.

General session path

  • Leadership: A key organizational role.
  • The key collaborative functions of highly effective leaders
  • Implementing and measuring collaborative performance as leaders.
  • Establishing a collaborative leadership action plan.

General information

Duration: 3 hours

Maximum number of participants: 20


intercultural collaboration


Workshop value

Understanding another culture takes years. Most businesses need results in much shorter time frames. Our unique approach provides results in just days by focusing on equipping multicultural teams with the elements needed to define their respective collaborative profiles, and reach an understanding of those areas that can hinder collaboration.

The central element is our "Cultural Dimension Daisy" that graphically presents the two basic frames of reference and five cultural dimensions that have the greatest impact on collaboration.

The last step is to establish a "collaborative agreement" on a third-way model of collaboration to ensure maximum team effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.

General session path

  • Culture as a system
  • The impact of culture on everyday behavior and collaboration
  • The two basic cultural frames of reference
  • The five key cultural dimensions
  • Audiovisual case study
  • Practical application case study
  • Final review and conclusions
  • Establishing a Third-Way path for collaborative integration

General information

Duration: 4 hours

Maximum number of participants: 18


Aprende a enseñar (Learning to train)


Workshop value / Valor de la sesión

Many organizations have Spanish-speaking personnel in key positions. This Spanish-language program prepares them to effectively transmit job knowledge and skills. 

In order to ensure this objective, we acknowledges the value of online training in transmitting knowledge and providing certain levels of feedback, but we also understand the need of in-person participation to  strengthen personal motivation and provide high-value feedback on issues such as non-verbal language and group management. Therefore, our program integrates the frameworks that allow instructors to fully take advantage of both environments.

Muchas empresas tienen personal de habla hispana en puestos clave, este programa los prepara para transmitir de manera altamente efectiva conocimientos y habilidades de los diversos puestos.

Para cumplir este objetivo, reconocemos el valor de la capacitación en linea que facilita la transmisión de conocimientos y aporta ciertos niveles de retroalimentación, pero tambien entendemos que solo mediante el contacto personal es posible fortalecer el compromiso y la motivación y ofrecer retroalimentación de alto valor en temas como el lenguaje no verbal y el manejo de grupos.

Por esto, nuestro programa incluye marcos y herramientas que permiten al instructor aprovechar al máximo los ambientes virtuales y presenciales.

General session path / Programa general

  • Preparation and opening / Preparación y apertura
  • Application practices / Prácticas de aplicación 
  • Development for effective learning / Desarrollo para un aprendizaje efectivo
  • Application practices / Prácticas de aplicación 
  • Closing / Cierre
  • Application practices / Prácticas de aplicación 
  • Closing feedback / Retroalimentación final

General information / Información general

Duration: 12 hours

Maximum number of participants to ensure results: 12